Cultivating Community to Prevent Child Abuse in Linn & Benton Counties

Can we all make a difference in supporting families?

Can communities rally to keep kids safe?

In Linn and Benton counties, the answer to these questions is a resounding “Yes!”

Aoife Magee, Ph.D., who leads the Parenting Education Department at Linn-Benton Community College (LBCC), is an instrumental leader in preventing child abuse in her community. With Magee’s expanded vision, existing prevention programs at LBCC go beyond working with the families themselves to include the broader community with a series of educational workshops about child development, family resources and prevention strategies. These upcoming workshops will be open to the public, including teachers, nurses, librarians, coaches, neighbors, case managers, and public health professionals. By enabling parents and practitioners to work together in learning the same skills, LBCC hopes to combat isolation and its negative impact on children.

Magee knows about the challenges of parenting not only as a professional in the field, but as a parent herself.  Seventeen years ago, Magee attended her first parenting classes, and she continues to rely on the friendships and resources she gained as she parents her now-teenage son. This experience bolstered Aoife’s belief that every adult in a child’s life needs support.

Magee has many big ideas about how Oregon can be a safer and more supportive place for families — and those big ideas are already yielding results. Linn and Benton counties have made significant progress in preventing child abuse over the last three years. A strategic focus on building community and preventing social isolation of parents in Linn and Benton counties is working!

The Parenting Education Department of Linn-Benton Community College is supported by the Children’s Trust Fund of Oregon, a partner of Children First for Oregon, in reducing child abuse and strengthening families in our state.