2015 Progress Report Details Challenges – and Solutions – for Oregon’s Kids

CFFO Progress Report cover
Today, Children First for Oregon announces the release our 2015 Progress Report, an annual data-driven analysis on the well-being of kids in Oregon. You can view the full report here and you can explore the data here.

The report shows that Oregon’s children continue to face significant barriers to success. Despite slight improvements in some areas, progress for kids is largely stalled.

Child abuse and neglect in Oregon has declined by only 2% since 2003 – despite falling by 25% nationwide.

A child in Oregon has a 1 in 5 chance of being poor – even if one of her parents works.

Our child poverty rate has increased 10% since the Great Recession ended – and 25% since it began.

Those numbers are daunting, but Oregon has a long history of a pioneer spirit – both in people and public policies. We are trail blazers. And now is the time to be pioneers again. To unite on behalf of kids and make meaningful long-term change. That’s why the report includes concrete policy solutions currently under consideration.

We can enact a $15 minimum wage. We can increase investments in home visiting for at risk parents. We can expand early education. If such solutions are adopted, lawmakers would immediately put thousands of children on the path towards a more prosperous future.

To make true progress we need to work together as advocates and Oregonians, hold lawmakers accountable, and build power for our kids. By highlighting the problem and uniting around these solutions with the urgency and determination shown by so many great pioneers before us, we can and we will make Oregon the best place to be a kid.

Join us if you believe, as we do, that kids should be a top public priority. Visit www.ORUnitedforKids.org/Join and sign up for Oregon’s pro-child movement today.