Exploring Our Promise to Oregon Children

Community Conversations

Join Children First for Oregon for a series of Community Conversations that explore our promise to Oregon kids.

Oregon’s 860,000 children are counting on us to build a state where they all have the opportunity to thrive.

Over the past 26 years, we have learned that change is possible through collective action and community support. Across Oregon, parents, grandparents, employers, educators, and local leaders see the day-to-day challenges for children in their local communities. Child well-being in Oregon continues to slip, now ranked 31st among states. Our role as kids’ advocates is to accelerate results for children who have been historically marginalized and without champions in decision-making circles. We must deepen our understanding of the diverse experiences of children and families across Oregon and support community solutions to make Oregon a place where all children can thrive.

This fall, we’re bringing Oregonians together in libraries, faith communities, chambers of commerce, direct service and civic organizations, schools and other local venues to find solutions for kids.

How can you join the conversation?

Host a Community Conversation in your home, work, or organization.

Support Community Conversations with your financial gift.

Attend a local Community Conversation.