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Executive Director Position Description The Executive Director is the Chief Executive Officer of Children First for Oregon (CFFO). The Executive Director reports to a Board of Directors, and is responsible for the organization's consistent achievement of its mission....

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1 day ago
Programs affected by the government shutdown are a vital lifeline for rural communities, where access to financing is often limited and rental options are scarce.
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3 days ago
Looking for some Oregon-based authors to share with your little one? Here are some ideas:
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4 days ago
Let's make 2019 a success for kids! Check out our policy agenda of the solutions legislators should enact to build a strong foundation for Oregon children.
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5 days ago
When youth take action, incredible things are possible! Kudos to Cota for creating a website with helpful resources for young people in need of support.
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6 days ago
Salem schools are among Oregon's most diverse, with 40% of students identifying as Latino and nearly one third speaking a language other than English at home. Kudos to Salem-Keizer for taking action to increase teacher diversity to better serve students.
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7 days ago
We're excited to release the 2019 Children's Agenda—a roadmap of the policies and investments that children need to thrive. Many thanks to our 110+ partners, who came together to help Oregon build a strong foundation for kids.

Check out our policy agenda:
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