We create a powerful voice for child abuse prevention

Child Abuse Prevention

In partnership with Children’s Trust Fund of Oregon (CTFO), we cultivate a community of service providers to bolster prevention services to help families across the state. We believe any parent in Oregon should be able to obtain the support they need to raise safe and nurtured children.

Working Together

Through a statewide network of prevention providers, Children First and the Children’s Trust Fund of Oregon identify the best use of resources to support community engagement, stronger services, and a powerful voice for prevention. For a list of affiliated prevention providers, click here.


“Our partnership with Children First strengthens efforts across the state to make sure children in Oregon are raised in loving and safe homes.”

– Kathy Calcagno, Children’s Trust Fund of Oregon Board Chair


“The Children’s Trust Fund of Oregon is one of the few organizations that consistently supports our programs and infrastructure, which gives us the ability to work much more in depth to reduce the potential for child abuse and neglect. You are making a difference in preventing child abuse and strengthening families in Oregon!”

– Parenting Now!, Children’s Trust Fund of Oregon affiliate