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Making Oregon a place where all children can thrive requires ensuring an even playing field for children to reach their full potential. Through United for Kids, we bring together a community of advocates, coalitions, and organizations to champion state legislative policies and shared investments that benefit children’s health, safety, economic security, and education. United by a shared Children’s Agenda, over 100 partner organizations spur communities and elected leaders to action on behalf of Oregon’s 860,000 children.

A united voice for Oregon children

The Children’s Agenda is a roadmap of solutions for state legislators to address the most pressing problems facing children and families. By presenting structural ways we can protect and improve the lives of all Oregon kids, the Children’s Agenda not only urges policymakers to action, but helps all of us make Oregon the best place to be a kid.

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A community of advocates

Over 100 partners with expertise in child and family issues bring a diversity of knowledge, perspectives, and priorities to inform the policies we pursue and the strategies we employ. Our partners harness the power of collective action to spur meaningful change for our children when they join forces as United for Kids. Click here for a full list of our partners.

“We appreciate Children First for Oregon’s leadership through their United for Kids initiative, and their efforts to bring organizations together to make systemic change for children and families in our state.” — Rev. Joseph Santos-Lyons, Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon, United for Kids partner

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United for Kids connects organizations and individuals who envision a better future for Oregon children. Join United for Kids’ partners and supporters in speaking up for Oregon’s children with a strong, united voice. 


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Legislative Successes:


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Cover All Kids: We are proud of our work to ensure all children have access to the health care they need to thrive. Begun by the Oregon Latino Health Coalition, United for Kids expanded the partnership to include numerous organizations, culminating in the passage of SB 558, which will provide health insurance coverage for the nearly 18,000 Oregon kids previously denied coverage due to their immigration status.

Fair Work Week: During the 2017 legislative session, United for Kids partner UFCW Local 555 led a coalition to pass a first-of-its-kind bill guaranteeing advance scheduling notice to workers. This legislation gives working parents the predictable schedules they need to make childcare arrangements, pursue educational opportunities, and care for their loved ones.

Ethnic Studies Standards: Working with key legislators, United for Kids partners Oregon Education Association, Oregon Student Association, Coalition of Communities of Color, and other successfully passed a bill that will incorporate ethnic studies standards into existing statewide social studies standards for grade K-12. These new standards will boost student attendance, engagement, and grades by ensuring kids see themselves in the history taught in their schools.

Equal Pay: Advocated by United for Kids partners AAUW of Oregon and many others in 2017, HB 2005 addresses persistent pay disparities faced by protected classes, giving families headed by women workers, workers of color, LGBT workers, and workers with disabilities a stronger foundation to support their children.

Tobacco 21: United for Kids advocated to pass Tobacco 21 legislation during the 2017 session. By raising the tobacco sales age to 21, Oregon will save kids from a lifetime of addiction to nicotine and the harmful effects of tobacco products.

Rear-Facing Car Seats: Working with the American Heart Association, United for Kids partners secured a win that will help to prevent the leading cause of death for children by passing legislation requiring children under two years of age to be secured in rear-facing car seats.

Raising the minimum wage: In 2016, United for Kids partner Raise the Wage led a coalition to successfully increase the minimum wage for workers, providing Oregon hard working families with the economic stability they need to support their kids.

Healthcare for COFA Oregonians: In 2016, United for Kids partners organized by Oregon Health Equity Alliance helped to pass a bill providing premium assistance for Pacific Islanders legally residing in Oregon under the compact of free association (COFA) to make their health care more affordable and accessible.